GCL provides the following types of network links which can effectively take care of the topography of your location and the area the business covers. Laser Links: 100MB solutions will operate up to 3000 metres. 1GB solutions will operate up to 5000 metres. Typical Applications of laser link: Replace lower speed leased lines or radio links, Interconnect LAN's in campus or industrial environments, PABX to PABX connectivity , High bandwidth connection to the Internet, VoIP connections , Temporary installations , Emergency backups , Backbone connectivity , Provide Gigabit connectivity where fibre is not available. Key Features: Free space wireless communications (no licences are required) , Compact system design , Full duplex connectivity , Industry standard network interfaces, Secure data transmission , Transparent operation , Fast installation and re-deployment , Built- in signal monitoring , Class 1m laser products. Radio Links: We also offer line of sight and non line of sight Radio link solutions from 11Mb to 1 GB. Radio link are used in the following situations: Mounting position not stable enough for laser, Distance too great for laser, No licenses required.  Non Line of sight links: In certain situations it is not possible to get a line of sight between buildings this is when the licensed 5.8GHz RF solutions need to be implemented. We can provide non line of sight solutions from a few meters up to 6 miles with data rates from 14MB up to 300MB. Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) enables the optimization of data throughput, as well as link availability. Using this technique, each available channel is monitored for sources of interference and DFS will automatically switch to an interference-free channel when needed. We also provide a wide range of point to multi-point systems for broadband applications or small to medium bandwidth building links. Contact us today. All prices exclude VAT where applicable.
Network Cabling
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Network Cabling
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