We use technology, intelligence and creativity to help you build your web site, either static or dynamic website, ecommerce or database. Quality is our watch word. Register to host your website on our 24/7 dedicated server. You can also commit everything from domain name registration and hosting with design to our hand and have a one (1) year free update. more. We provided a rest of mind domain name registration that are available for your use any time after registration in our name. Our Hosting packages are supported with current internet technologies from worldwide mail recipient service to database service. Our site designs are tailored to the services you render. Design Types 4 pages (ordinary) Design - £250.00 (including domain and hosting plan with 100 POP/IMAP email) any additional page is £45.00 per page. When hosted by another company £120 per page, any transfer of domain attracts £75.00 per domain. Maintenance of any newly registered and hosted domain by GCL is free for 1 year, thereafter attracts a charge of £350 per year (see terms and conditions of service). 6 pages (Business) design - £1250.00 (domain and hosting inclusive) any additional page cost £85.00. Transfer of domain attracts £75.00 per domain. When hosted by another company design will cost £125.00 per page, Maintenance negotiable. 4 pages (ecommerce) design - £1200.00 any additional page costs £125.00 plus 1 year free product update. *Note there may be charges for shopping carts setup, for further information contacts us. All prices exclude VAT where applicable. For what customers are saying about our service, please visit our Testimonies page.
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